Project Financing

Every industrial project requires finance in the form of risk capital, long term, medium term and short term or working capital and / or machinery on hire purchase / lease basis. All these types of financial assistance are provided by commercial banks.

However, it is not easy to get funding from commercial banks unless you don’t understand their process, requirements and expectations in terms of documents and project appraisal criteria.

We understand that frustration arises when a little seems to be so much. To relieve you from that situation, we help you out by partly financing the project implementation cost. We assist you in getting project funding including short term to long term loans at different project execution phases along with seed stage funding or last phase funding to smooth the process of project completion.

Any projects which involve heavy capital expenditure are becoming increasingly more exposed to uncertainties. Hence our approach & assessment, with bank expectations for project financing, is based on the merits and risk aspects of the project rather than on security and corporate considerations. Risk identification and allocation are key components of any project finance.

We have a close working relationship with financial institutions around the globe including major commercial banks, private investment banks, private investment funds, venture capitalists, and more.

We have specialist teams across the range of industries in which project finance is utilized, including Leisure or Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality Industries, Infrastructure, Renewable and Non-renewable Energy projects.

What  we do 

Our capabilities extend across the globe with a
team of specialists throughout Asia & Middle East

ROI Professionals

We are your collaborators on projects mainly in the GCC Market. We work closely with you to understand your expectations and requirements, and set a timeline for raising finance for your project. Our team’s deep and extensive experience helps you identify the types of creative financing structures and sources of finance - From banks to ECAs and funds/private equity - needed to get projects financed in today’s illiquid market.

Project Finance

This is the the long-term financing of Infrastructure and Industrial projects based on the projected cash flow of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors. Because we know the project process from planning, contracting, and financing through to development, you can proceed with the kind of confidence that comes from a 360-degree view. Whether your a lender, a project sponsor or a contractor in the public or private sector, our team strengthens you with intimate counsel and provides seamless support for all kinds of financial requisites that you may need to thrive in today’s competitive project-finance environment.