Mortgage Consulting

We provide mortgage consultation to corporate houses as well as  individuals. We secure our clients the best mortgage products in the market and provide transaction consultation from initial stages to the final stage.

At ROI Mortgage Services, we believe that everyone who can afford their own apartment or villa deserves their own home. Therefore, we aim to focus exclusively on the real estate market of Dubai, and offer solutions to both salaried and self-employed borrowers. From people who earn regular bonus or commissions, to people with more than one source of income and everyone in-between, we cater to all, and offer everyone a satisfyingly professional yet an endearingly friendly service.

How does ROI differ from other similar companies!

A bank will only offer you its own mortgage products, whereas ROI can provide the right mortgage solution from hundreds of options available in the market, with many exclusive offers. When buying or refinancing a property in the UAE, we help you save money and reduce risk by securing the “best of breed” products and by providing expert consultation services.

Why ROI?

ROI has a mortgage consultancy proposition. So if you require the best financial advice, look no further, you have the right partner in ROI. With so many mortgage companies in Dubai and in UAE, it is easy to select ROI without any hesitation. Mortgage market in UAE, especially in Dubai, is huge. So, it is worth your time and energy to pay attention to the best mortgage offer that is available at a viable price.

As one of the leading mortgage consultant firms in Dubai and in UAE, we are proud to offer you the following:

Access to Low & Competitive Rates – We are one of the best low cost mortgage consultant companies in Dubai and in UAE, which provides an array of services to their target customers at competitive rates.

Transparent Mortgage Process – ROI Mortgage Services will guide you through the process until transfer.

We cater to every kind of property – We arrange Mortgage loan for Residential Property, Villa, Labour Camps, Commercial Building and Warehouses etc.

Our Mortgage Process & Check List is secure and strong – Our team has high-industry experience regarding mortgage loan eligibility, guidelines, application process and approval. Hence, they are thoroughly aware of changing mortgage trends as well as consumer behaviour towards mortgage loan approval process.

Exceptional Services – We have mortgage advisors across Dubai and UAE that offer you assistance in the following areas:

  • UAE Mortgages
  • Equity Release or Loan Against Property
  • Buy-out


Equity release, also known as loan against property is a term used when someone borrows against the value of their existing property. These funds can be used for any purpose and the interest payable is charged at mortgage rates.

Equity Release is a highly cost-effective way to raise cash needed for any reason whether it be to settle outstanding loans, to fund property renovations, business cash flows, to invest in another property in the UAE and/or overseas, or to fund children’s educational expenses. For many, it is a viable option considering the high percentage of investors who buy properties in cash who could benefit from the extra liquidity when the market slows down.


Buyout loans are forms of banking transactions wherein banks and financial institutions re-issue already sold loans to new customers.

These loans are offered to new customers at discounts, at times, and it’s also possible for multiple loans to be combined into one package that will be sold to investors as securities. The basic premise behind buyout loans is for the financial institution to not only get a compensation that will cover expenses while providing a marginal profit, but also for the investor or buyer to make healthy returns by getting the lower interest rate while repaying the loan in accordance with the original terms.