Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should choose ROI?

Several reasons lead to firms choosing us.

  • Firms may or may not have any prior borrowing relationship with any bank also they may not know whom to approach for credit facilities and how.
  • Firms may lack personnel with required skill set to secure banking facilities at excellent term.
  • Despite having right people companies at times choose to concentrate on their essential activities and leave the securing and negotiation of the banking facilities to the professionals.
  • Our professional team does the work within a very short span of time, i.e. 6 weeks from the time the assignment is taken. In stead of three to four months and maybe even more if a company decides to deal with a bank directly. With our knowledge about the bank and their requirements we know which banks to look for. Also we tailor-make the proposal so that all the information is provided to the bank at one time.
  • The other factors that companies choose us are for our Focus, Comprehensive planning and Reputation.

For each of the above reasons companies have hired us!


Can ROI get a better deal for the client? 

Absolutely! ROI is managed and run by senior ex-bankers hence they have the knowledge of negotiating with banks. Furthermore, ROI is able to secure better deals for the clients because we keep providing clients to the banks on a regular basis.


Fees of ROI?

We charge as per the market norms and also the fees depend on the complexity/ease and size of the transaction. There are no strict formula as we treat each case is uniquely hence there is always a scope for negotiation.


Which banks do ROI work with?

ROI has worked closely with multiple banks that include multinational, regional and local banks. ROI has developed working relationship with all the major banks of UAE and the DIFC based banks. Our transactions are also channeled to a select group of banks that enables us to negotiate special terms for out clients and shorten the processing time. We provide the same banks with steady business in return they give our clients better terms and faster turn-around period – it’s that simple!